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Brian D. Parsons

Dr. Brian D. Parsons is the Director of Ghost Help (formerly Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network) and has been investigating ghostly claims since 1996. He has also studied under the MUFON Field Investigator's Manual for the various aspects of UFO investigations and is a current member of MUFON as well as the Cleveland UFOlogy Project. He has been a freelance cryptid researcher and investigator studying various cases in Ohio and western Pennsylvania. He is currently a member of the Pennsylvania Cryptozoology Society and has also been associated with the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society.

In March of 2014 Brian became the Executive Director of ParaNexus. He joined ParaNexus Anomalous Research Association in 2009 to help in the cause of creating a professional collection of like minded anomalous researchers to help educate the public and each other about various aspects of research and investigation methods of the various fields. During his time at ParaNexus he served as a member of the Board of Directors, the Director of Research, and the Anomalous News Coordinator.

Brian has written six books, Handbook for the Amateur Paranormal Investigator or Ghost Hunter: How to Become a Successful Paranormal Group as well as a companion book, Betty's Ghost: A Guide to Paranormal Investigation, and follow-up exploring more concepts in paranormal group operation Handbook for the Amateur Paranormal Investigator II: The Art and Science of Paranormal Investigation . His fourth book, The "E4" Method: Breaking the Mold of Paranormal Investigation looks at his unique methodology of client-centered investigation that utilizes a skeptical foundation, psychology, advanced interviewing skills, parapsychology, spiritualism, as well as the "Ghost Excavation" methodology created by John Sabol. It breaks the mold of the current basic methods of looking for ghosts and chasing shadows and instead looks at how to help the client as well as have them help you create repeatable spontaneous events in a specific way. His fifth book, Handbook for the Amateur Cryptozoologist examines the field of cryptozoology with a critical and balanced approach. His latest effort, Handbook for the Amateur UFO Investigator, was released in 2017 and focuses on the cultural and historical references behind UFOs while providing the reader with a solid understanding of interviewing methods as well as onsite investigation and offsite research techniques and observations. Brian holds a Ph.D. from the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science, is an ordained minister, and is a state licensed wedding officiant in the state of Ohio. He is also a public speaker appearing at various paranormal conferences, conventions, library, and other public and private speaking engagements. He is also the host of the Paranormal News Insider that has been heard on a variety of networks since 2008.

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About Ghost Help

Ghost Help began as Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network in 1996. O.P.I.N. was a paranormal investigation group based in northeast Ohio that was reborn many times over the years. The primary goal and motto was; "Educating the Public, One Person at a Time." We still feel that this motto is critical even after the group is no longer actively seeking cases. In late 2011 the group formally disbanded and the Director (Brian D. Parsons) decided to reinvent the group using former cases, parapsychology, psychology, skeptical viewpoints, as well as other methodologies. Brian ultimately created the "E4" Method of client-centered ghost investigation. He conducted case studies with the help of a network of professionals from mid-2012 until late 2013 using the "E4" Method and is currently on hiatus from active investigation. He is still active in many other aspects of the paranormal and anomalous fields.

Despite the group no longer being active we felt that continuing to provide education to new investigative teams was crucial to our goals. The vision has always been to "alter the culture" by raising the standards of the average group while increasing the knowledge of teams coming into the field. We also feel strongly about leaving our knowledge for others. We also felt that we could educate clients as well on the basics of what is happening to them in addition to how to handle some situations. We ultimately opted to create two distinct websites under one site that would help cater to both sides.

The Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network enjoyed many years of helping clients through various situations. While there were many times a solution was not possible the group made every effort to assist various families any way they could. Many times this call for help was what brought Brian back into investigating. As he decided to hang up his acronym with O.P.I.N. he knew he would have to continue to help any way he could. The transition to this current Ghost Help site took many months and was finally completed in May of 2014.

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