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Welcome to Ghost Help!

Ghost Help began as Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network in 1996. O.P.I.N. was a paranormal investigation group based in northeast Ohio that was reborn many times over the years. The primary goal and motto was; "Educating the Public, One Person at a Time." We still feel that this motto is critical even after the group is no longer actively seeking cases. In late 2011 the group formally disbanded and the Director (Brian D. Parsons) decided to reinvent the group using former cases, parapsychology, psychology, skeptical viewpoints, as well as other methodologies. Brian ultimately created the "E4" Method of client-centered ghost investigation. He conducted case studies with the help of a network of professionals from mid-2012 until late 2013 using the "E4" Method and is currently on hiatus from active investigation. He is still active in many other aspects of the paranormal and anomalous fields.

Why this site?

Despite the group no longer being active we felt that continuing to provide education to new investigative teams was crucial to our goals. The vision has always been to "alter the culture" by raising the standards of the average group while increasing the knowledge of teams coming into the field. We also feel strongly about leaving our knowledge for others (Brian has also written four books on paranormal investigation). We also felt that we could educate clients as well on the basics of what is happening to them in addition to how to handle some situations. We ultimately opted to create two distinct websites under one site that would help cater to both sides.

How to use this site

The goal with this client-based site is merely to help bring some understanding to what is happening to you. Any situation involving unknown activity in your home can become quite unsettling. Our goal here is not to solve these events or allow you to "validate" these claims (as this is impossible; continue on to find out why), but to allow you to have the upper hand and to potentially end the connection.

This client Ghost Help site is designed for you to follow each step as shown in the links above. Each step will gradually build to the next section. Please do not skip around as this may cause a bit of confusion. Each case may differ and there is not one way to eliminate the connection between the living and a ghost. We also do not recommend that anyone conduct any sort of investigation with their events; it is not that this is dangerous but that it creates a new layer of subjectivity that will be explained as you follow along.

Please begin your journey with Step 1 and please follow the rest of the links in order. It may be a bit of reading, but it will help a majority of clients understand and potentially end what is happening.

Ghost Help