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Welcome to Ghost Help!

Ghost Help began as Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network in 1996. O.P.I.N. was a paranormal investigation group based in northeast Ohio that was reborn many times over the years. The primary goal and motto was; "Educating the Public, One Person at a Time." We still feel that this motto is critical even after the group is no longer actively seeking cases. In late 2011 the group formally disbanded and the Director (Brian D. Parsons) decided to reinvent the group using former cases, parapsychology, psychology, skeptical viewpoints, as well as other methodologies. Brian ultimately created the "E4" Method of client-centered ghost investigation. He conducted case studies with the help of a network of professionals from mid-2012 until late 2013 using the "E4" Method and is currently on hiatus from active investigation. He is still active in many aspects of the paranormal.

Why this site?

Despite the group no longer being active we felt that continuing to provide education to new investigative teams was crucial to our goals. The vision has always been to "alter the culture" by raising the standards of the average group while increasing the knowledge of teams coming into the field. We also feel strongly about leaving our knowledge for others (Brian has also written four books on paranormal investigation). We also felt that we could educate clients as well on the basics of what is happening to them as well as how to handle some situations. We ultimately opted to create two distinct websites under one site that would help cater to both sides.

How to use this site

The goal with the researcher / investigator site is to help raise the overall standards of approach with the average paranormal group. Many groups gather their education from television shows or other groups via the Internet. This site will provide knowledge and experience from my years in the field since 1996, my experiences with working with other individuals and groups, as well as the knowledge from a multitude of resources. Many groups have fallen prey to misinformation that includes logical fallacies, belief-based information perceived as facts, a misunderstanding of scientific protocol, and many other issues that plague the paranormal field from the inside out.

The goal with the researcher / investigator site of Ghost Help is to expose groups to the truth behind the reality of what is understood and experienced in the field of anomalous research. The information presented on this site may trigger strong emotions due to the direction away from the status quo, but I provide this information with the best of intentions with bringing this field up to a higher level. Altering the culture will take time and plenty of change from those within it. Those who adapt to change will be the ones who are left standing years from now when the desire to learn continues when the urge of the "thrill of the hunt" has extinguished. While many groups will be unwilling to accept much information from this site there will be those that will take pieces or chunks of knowledge from this and grow. I urge those who find this information favorable to share their insight with others so that the effect of change will continue to expand in every direction.

This site is divided up into four sections; basics, science, process, and tools. These sections will provide a flow of information that will add to the next page so I ask that you follow the pages in order. The last sections (resources and books) will provide additional areas of information beyond what I am able to bring through this site.

Please begin your journey with the Basics.

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